Twin Liquors hosts a three-day liquor sale twice a year. It can only be described a public act of kindness.

Most spirits and wine bottles will be marked down to the full-sale price plus one dollar during this Austin sale. As a consumer, however, this is not the time to worry about Twin Liquors’ wholesale costs. This is the time to appreciate Twins’ sincere gesture and stock your home bar. Here are some guidelines:

1. The Worm-Free Mezcal is for the Early Bird

Don’t miss Thursday! Be punctual, arrive early, be prepared for competition and be friendly. It’s best to buy early and stay in line. It’s time for you to ask your neighbor why they bought the things they did.

2. Twin Liquors Make a list, check the aisles twice

Make a list. Prepare for Black Friday. It’s doubly helpful if you shop at Twins locations you are familiar with and can navigate.

3. Twin Liquors Make twins friends!

Many Twins employees are passionate, but also ex-Service industry workers. Spend time with Twin Liquors employees throughout the year and you’ll be able to remember what they like. You’ll find the people who are enthusiastic about your purchases, and they will be your friend for life. I have had many pleasant experiences at the dollar sale, when friendly faces pointed out a great deal or redirected me to something more impressive.

4. Twin Liquors Stock up on basics

Be loyal to your favorite brands! It’s tempting to experiment, but it doesn’t hurt to have a few basics. It’s not only about buying essentials (you know you will need a shot or two of whiskey in the next six months), but Twin Liquors is also about planning ahead for holidays. I buy New World Pinot Noir and Cru Belolais for Thanksgiving, and then pour a bottle Champagne for New Year’s Eve. Make sure you have enough spirits. Bartends have the opportunity to discover something unique and unexpected. You can also find that green chartreuse bottle that you won’t find anywhere in Austin for less than $60

5. Save the Nerdy bottles for Bigger Stores

Stock levels are smaller in smaller stores. Larger stores offer a greater selection. I shop first at a bigger store, then I go to my Twins neighborhood to look for bottles that I haven’t found. You should make rare items a priority in your store. Don’t be surprised if smaller stores don’t stock the essentials.

Stocking Bars: Tips

Once you have calculated how many Twin Liquors servings each party will require, it is time to calculate how much you need to buy to stock your bar.

The following is a breakdown of the information:

Spirits/Cordials, 1.5 ounce pours:

  • Drinks in 750ml-16
  • Liter 22 drinks
  • 1.75L-39 drinks
  • Sparkling and still wine, 5 oz.
  • 750ml-5 glasses
  • 1.5L-10 glasses
  • Beer, 12 ounce pours:
  • 1 serving of 12 ounce beer
  • Pony Keg-82 Servings
  • Keg (also 1/2 barrel) – 165 portions

Mixing drinks can be complicated depending on the amount of ounces they contain. These conversions will help you determine how much.

  • Mixer conversions
  • Pint-16 ounces
  • 750ml-25 ounces
  • Liter-33 ounces
  • 2 Liter – 66 ounces
  • Gallon-128 ounces

You don’t have to do all the math! Twin liquors can help you with all the math. Call or email your Twin to get a personalized proposal. Click here to see a list with email addresses and store locations.