How to Throw the Perfect Princess Party


Many children experience a princess phase at some point in their childhood. Children might find themselves enchanted with the idea of castles, horses and sparkling tiaras. Or they may have watched a Disney movie that captured them. Mirago Media AB created Grapevine. Our vision: In today’s world that is constantly changing our goal is to design and develop low-cost products that can be enjoyed by everyone during the hours , and also to help with the preparation and planning of 8 geburtstag junge birthday parties, celebrations, events celebrations, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and family celebrations by providing tips and techniques.

Here are some suggestions to make your child’s birthday memorable and unique if they ask for a princess party.

There are many princess products available, but you don’t necessarily have to choose one. By creating decorations and other supplies yourself, you can save money while adding a personal touch.

Invitations for Princess Parties

A royal announcement should be made about princess parties. Use glitter and fancy text to send invitations. You can make them look like horses, unicorns or glass slippers.

You can paint your own princess picture, or you could make something simpler like a cutout showing the age of your child with a tiara on the top.

You could also give one plastic tiara per guest, with a tag that lists who, what, and whereabouts of the party. Ask the girls to wear the new crowns to the party. If you don’t want to play princess, ask your young guests to replace their tiaras by crowns or inflatable swords.

Another option is to make an antique-looking party invitation by printing the information on paper and then aging it with dark tea. Then, dry it off and roll it up like a scroll.


Pink is the best color for princess party decorations! Pink plates, pink napkins and pink streamers are all good options.

You can choose a regal purple or the birthday child’s favorite color if your child doesn’t like pink.

These are other ideas for princess decorating:

Cut a piece about 6 inches by 18 inches of tulle to give your basic party hats a princess look. Make a double knot at the end of each end. Then, pull the untied end through the opening at the top. This will create a tail of fabric that follows the guests as they wear their hats. The double knot should catch at top of the hat to prevent the tulle sliding out. The knotted end of tulle should be stapled or taped if the opening at its top is too large. To resemble knights, the boys can wear party hats in black or silver or crowns.

A rainbow or unicorn pinata can be hung that is filled with candy and small toys.

You can either order a rainbow-colored arch from a balloon shop or make it yourself with a balloon arch kit. It can be displayed over your food or gift table, or placed near your front door. Guests must cross it to get into the party.

Soap bubbles will float all around the party guests if you buy a bubble-making machine.

Slipcovers made of organza are a great way to cover chairs. You can either buy them or make them yourself, according to the instructions in the Kaari Meng book.

Place pink tablecloths on the tables, and then add organza to the top. Black and silver could be used to cover tables for boys.

Hang tissue-paper pompoms suspended from the ceiling.


You can either serve a full or a simple meal depending on the time of day.

You can also make the menu princess-themed. It’s possible to make tiny tea sandwiches and then serve pink lemonade, or juice in small teacups. You could also cut the sandwiches into princess-themed shapes with cookie cutters.

Treats for Princesses

For each year of your child’s life, you could make a different princess birthday cake. Here are some suggestions to help you narrow down the princess phase.

A popular idea is to create a castle-shaped cake by using a moldable cake pan, or to build one yourself from cakes made in loaf pans using ice cream cones as turrets.

Family Fun suggests a princess-and-the-pea cake recipe that involves stacking rectangular cakes that have been frosted in different colors or covered with fondant to make them look like mattresses. Put a fondant princess, or a doll, on top of the fondant bedspread. Then, place a green “pea”, made from fondant, or frosting, at the bottom.

The Barbie doll is always found in the middle of a cake “skirt”, as well as cakes with tiaras or magic wands.

Princess-Themed Activities and Games

Dress up. You can borrow several princess costumes from your friends’ children and create a dressing area where girls can dress up for the ball.

Face painting. Ask a friend or teenager to paint images on the cheeks of the girls. You can also make them feel special with stickers earrings, nail polish, lip gloss and nail varnish.

Dance all day. After the girls have been dressed up, let them move to some music. You can choose to play classical or popular music. Young girls love Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” song, which is based on a fairytale theme. Play freeze dancing with the girls if they get bored of dancing. An adult will stop the song at random points, and the children must freeze in mid-motion until the music resumes.