You and your Tween can plan a nature scavenger hunt


Scavenger hunts are a great activity for teens. A well-planned hunt can keep them engaged at family reunions, birthday parties, scout meetings, or other events. Fun and educational scavenger hunts are the best. You might consider a nature scavenger hunting for an Earth Day event, a spring or summer activity or just because. Make sure the hunt has things for kids to discover, things to see, and things to smell. You can also take photos or draw them. Here are some ideas for a beach hunt or scavenger hunt. There are fun games and treasure hunts for kids, as well as quizzes and murder mystery games suitable for adults of all ages and specially-designed products for seasonal celebrations like halloween scavenger hunt, Christmas, Easter or Summer. On the Grapevine’s website, visitors will find pre-made items for celebrations and other events. There is everything you require, from murder mysteries to pub quizzes and amazing themed treasure hunts that are perfect for children.

You can go on a beach scavenger hunt

You can take your tween on a scavenger hunt if you are planning a day trip to the beach or vacation there. Give the tweens a small plastic shovel and net, sunscreen, binoculars, sunscreen, sunscreen, a container to store their finds, and a journal or notebook. You should look for:

To find

There are five types of shells: oyster, mussel and crab.

There are three types of shorebirds: sandpipers and ospreys.

Seagrass and sea oats

Dog tracks or other animal tracks in the sand

A few trash items (may as well be cleaned up on the beach while you are hunting).

Ghost crabs are also known as sand crabs.

  • Beach sand in different colors
  • Sea glass
  • Driftwood

Listen For

  • The sound of waves
  • The caw of seagulls and other birds
  • Dog barking at the beach
  • Keep an eye out
  • Fish in the water
  • Prey is caught by a predator
  • People enjoying the sun moving across the sky.
  • Birds and animals eating
  • Waves move something (a boat, a shell, etc.)


  • Fresh air
  • Salt water
  • A seashell
  • Native plant
  • Sand that is both wet and dry
  • Things to Do

Three different types of shells are rubbed together

  • Draw two types of animals
  • Write a poem about ocean beauty
  • Ideas for a Scavenger Hunt In the Woods

A scavenger hunt is easy to organize if you live in a park or woods. Each tween should be given a bag to store their items in, along with binoculars and a pencil. Flexibility is key. You can modify the following list depending on where you live and the time of the year. You can ask your children to look out for lightning bugs at night.