Leo 2022 Horoscope


A general overview of 2022

It is a pleasure to be in the spotlight, and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to do this this year.

Dame Luck smiles with all Her Glory on you sign, and you’ll have plenty of reasons to thank your stars throughout this year, except for some challenging situations at the beginning. You can learn new techniques by looking at the work patterns of others, which will increase your productivity at work.

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Eligible natives of this sign can get married bells. Avoid interacting with people of the opposite gender, especially during the middle of the calendar year. As long as you don’t engage in any unscrupulous activity, your good fortune will remain intact throughout the year.


If you’re involved in business, you will be able identify new sources for income. You have a lot of opportunities to improve your financial situation this year.

You might be able to redeem documents that you have mortgaged, if you pay back your debts. You will also receive a portion of what you owe from others. This year is a great year to acquire both immovable and movable assets.

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You’ll have the rare ability to spend only what you need while limiting your spending on unnecessary or frivolous items. In other words, you will have money that is well-spent in the right places this year. If you do your research and avoid taking unnecessary risks, speculative activities can bring about satisfactory results.


This year, the winds seem to be blowing in your favor. You may be able to get long-awaited promotions this year. You will receive excellent support from your associates and excel in all career activities.

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You can build good camaraderie and friendships with colleagues by taking them on excursions or picnics. Show-biz professionals will be able to take on important roles that will boost their careers.

Political figures will be elected to high-ranking positions that are proportional to their standing in the field. It will be a good year for businessmen to start new ventures or enter into partnerships. You may win most court-cases or IT related hearings.

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Romantic opportunities and social relationships

You will find marital peace and domestic harmony. You will have favourable planetary influence on romance matters. Your luck will be shared with other family members. You will be proud of the achievements of your children and siblings. You will be happy and positive if you attend family celebrations and other auspicious events.


If your natal chart is not clear, you may experience occasional discomfort from complaints such as indigestion or jaundice. You will be in good health all year.

The year 2009 has some important periods

  • The best time to travel is February, March, July and August.
  • The best times to be with your family and have a romantic time are January, April, July, and August.
  • The best times to start a new venture are July, August and September.