What You Could Be Wearing Your Blush Badly


Blush has been a staple of women’s makeup since ancient times, and it is no surprise why. It instantly brings warmth and sensuality into the face. You know what they say about too many good things! We have compiled a list to help you avoid applying blush incorrectly.

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1. Use the wrong color:

The wrong blush shade can cause disastrous results. It can make you look awful and off-colour. You can avoid this by taking your time when buying blush.

You should test out different shades of foundation on your back until you find the one that suits your skin tone. A pale pink is best for fair skin. It looks natural and gives off a subtle glow.

You should think twice about using other shades, as they may look too orange for your fair skin tones. Because it is warm, peach is universally flattering and works well with any skin tone. Orange-peach tones will compliment darker skin tones, especially if you have olive skin.

2. Don’t exaggerate the amount

Too much blush is a common error. It’s easy to forget about it when you’re out of the house. This can be avoided by starting with light brush strokes, and gradually adding layers until you achieve a natural blush shade.

Another tip is to use a well-lit area to apply your makeup. This will allow you to clearly see the progress of your blush application, so that you don’t do too much.

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3. Don’t forget to consider the shape of your face

It is not a good idea to apply blush to the cheekbones or other traditional areas. Different face shapes require unique blush application.

Blush should be applied to the sides of the cheeks for round faces. For heart-shaped or boxy faces, blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. To accent your oval-shaped faces, focus the blush on your cheekbones if they are longer.

4. Use the wrong tools

You can make your blush application look terrible by using an inappropriate tool.

While blush application has been a skill that women have relied upon for years, technology has made it easier and more efficient. Dual fiber and blush-specific brushes provide a smooth finish that makes it less likely to make mistakes.

You’ll also need the correct brushes to achieve the best results, since blushes come in different formulations. For a blush that is powder-based, you can use a natural brush to apply it. A synthetic brush will be used for a blush that is liquefied.

5. Apply blush lower than is necessary

This mistake can make you look old and tired. You can avoid this by smoothing the blush upwards.

Tyra Banks, a supermodel, has a great tip: smile while you apply blush to make your apples pop up. This will ensure that you don’t miss any important areas, even if it was hard.

It works every time. If your face is not heart-shaped, you will need to place the brush under your cheekbones for an edgy and sharp look.

6. Applying blush too low than is necessary can lead to dangerous results.

This can make you look silly, which is not what you wanted. This can be helped by smiling while applying blush and frugally brushing the blush along your cheekbones.

7. Try to combine a powder-based blush and a liquid foundation.

To avoid blush clumping on your cheeks, it’s crucial to use a powder blush only with a powder foundation. You’ll achieve a smoother and more effective finish by applying liquid blush to liquid foundation, and then finishing with setting powder. Apply blush to a blush using a blush and powder foundation.

8. Blush should be applied later in your makeup routine

After contouring and foundation, blush should be applied. This should be done just before you blend with your highlighter. Unless you have a very high-shine blush, in which case you can skip the highlighter. To create a harmonious look, you can coordinate your blush shade and your lipstick shade.

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9. Insufficient application

You might find that you don’t apply enough blush to the point where it doesn’t show up on your photos. This is a huge mistake! You want to create a natural glow that defines your features.

10. Not Using A Primer First

It’s not worth skipping this step. You can apply powder blush directly to your skin without a base. You’ll find that your blush just slips off, and you will have to reapply it throughout the day. To ensure that your blush stays on all day, and for the best effect, apply a primer before applying powder blush.

11. Choose the Wrong Formula

There are many types of blushes, just like foundation. You can usually choose between cream or powder blushes. Powder blushes will not work well on dry skin. They won’t blend well and can look flakey. Cream textures are better for blending and last longer.

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Although blush is not necessarily fatal, it can make you look terrible. We’ve made blush application look less like a Russian doll with these tips.