Turbo Charge any offense using the warp football, zero-huddle tempo


In one season, the penthouse and the outhouse are all accessible

The Cincinnati Bengals were at the SuperBowl for the first time in 1980s when they went from being the bottom of their division to the top. They did this by running a warp football no-huddle, whole-game offense. To slow down the offense, they used fake injuries to get around it.

The SuperBowl was also won by the Buffalo Bills in the 1990s. They were there four times straight, thanks to their no-huddle whole-game offense.

I spoke with Coach Dana Bible, Bengals, and Marv Levy, Bills, about their no-huddle tempos. They were both very enthusiastic about it.

Tossing up

Speaking at a clinic, a San Diego State edina highschool hockey coach was extremely happy with his team’s no-huddle approach to the game. After one game, he said that his friends on an opponent’s coaching staff informed him that their first-string players were throwing up on the sidelines during warp football.

It is essential for two reasons

My warp-speed, non-huddle was created in 1993 by me for my team. It worked well. It has been a constant push since 1993. However, I am disappointed by the fact that not many people have used it or those who claim they do use it but do a slower, non-warp speed no-huddle. It’s fine as far as it goes. Two reasons you need warp football speed are:

You may need the warp football speed version at the end of each half. There are simply not enough seconds to call cadence.

Warp-speed benefits

Warp-speed offers more benefits than you might imagine.

  • Opposing defense is knocked off balance
  • It is difficult for defense to huddle between plays.
  • It is difficult for defense to be substituted
  • It is difficult for defense to differ defenses and stunts
  • It is easier for youth football coaches to adhere to minimum-play rules.

The number of offensive plays you run is approximately twice as many (assuming you get first downs). This ranges from 80 to 120 depending upon the length of your official game.
This makes your practices much more efficient -Marv Levy said that he sent the offense home sooner than usual during years when they ran the whole-game No-Huddle. It was because they had finished the regular practice script earlier.

The hurry-up slowdown

You can also do a hurry up to fatiguing your opponent’s defense, while still adhering to the slowdown rules in my warp football Clock Management manual. This is done by performing multiple fast shifts between the ready-to–play whistle and the end the play clock.

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