Five Tips to Improve Mixed Boxing Combinations


Mixed boxing is difficult because opponents can see your movements and anticipate their punches. If opponents see your offense coming it gives them enough time to dodge and slip the punch. Combinations can diversify your offense and keep opponents guessing.

1) Don’t throw the same punch to the same area

Mixing boxing is key to diversifying your offense. Mixed boxing only allows punches to land in the legal scoring areas, which are the body and head, that count towards a boxer’s merit. Because boxing has a limited scoring area, this is crucial.

Punches that land on your elbows and arms hardest working man are disqualified. Punches that land below the belt and on the back are considered illegal. This restricts the space in which mixed boxing can land punches and makes it more difficult to connect cleanly.

2) Don’t waste your energy and be mindful of how much you are consuming.

Also, it is important to not throw punches just for the sake. Keep in mind that each punch you throw uses energy and you have a finite amount of energy. Although it is tempting to be relentless in your attacks, this will only lead to you getting out of control.

Mixed Boxing can be both aerobic and anaerobic. Your cardiovascular system has to work harder to maintain blood flow if you throw more punches at a fast pace. At around 80% of our maximum heart beat, which is how hard we work during fights, lactic acid begins to build up in our muscles.

3) Do not always throw the same mixed boxing combinations

Mixed boxing offense is so versatile. There are the basic combinations, such as the 1-2 and the hook-straight. Then there are the more complex combinations.

It is important to not throw the same combination every time. Your opponent will start to anticipate your offense after a certain point.

4) Move your Head

Good mixed boxing requires you to move your head continuously. For novices, it can be difficult to focus on your head while also thinking about all the subtleties of the ring. Focusing on your head will help you focus on every aspect of your pugilistic technique.

Learn Positioning

It is crucial to know when you should execute your combinations in order to improve your punch accuracy. The common mistake of novice fighters when judging their distance is not knowing how to gauge it. They often start their combinations too far out and end up overextending their punches, leaving themselves open to being countered. This can be fixed by better footwork and positioning.

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