Innovative Ideas To Decorate Your Home


We all love decorating our living spaces to make them more beautiful and lend them a personal touch. Doing home interiors can be quite expensive that becomes a drawback for many homeowners. But, there are several economical and reusable ways to design your space without breaking the bank. The Internet is flooded with such inspiring ideas and we have listed a few for you.

  • Flowers: Flowers are the easiest and surest way to amp up your interiors. Flowers will bring freshness and fragrance along with a burst of natural colours. Place them anywhere and it is sure to make the eyes gleam with happiness. You can place them in vases over cabinets and dining tables. Make rangolis and use flower petals as potpourri. For potpourri, take an empty vessel, add water, petals, and floating candles.
  • Plants: Another natural decor element. Plants will give you tropical vibes and health benefits. You can shop for plants for home such as peace lily, snake plant, spider plant, lucky bamboo, money plant, and many such varieties. Go for potted plants as they come with designer vases and will complement your interiors. If in case you want to experiment with your vases and their placement, you can create your own such as plants in dolchi, wooden crate, bricks, hanging bottles, etc.
  • Curtains and Cushions: Very basic and minimalistic but essential for doing your interiors. Cushions and curtains are sometimes underrated but they have a lot to offer in terms of visual appeal. Cushions will turn your boring sofa and bed into a piece of visual furniture. In the same manner, curtains add dimension and height to your home. Go for quirky cushions and curtain prints. To save on cost, make cushion covers and curtains from old bedsheets, sarees, and clothes. You can hand paint them as well.
  • Statement Wall and Pillars: One statement wall can transform the overall look of your home. Choose a wall and turn it into a focal point by getting it painted in a different colour than the rest of the walls, covering it in wallpaper, or getting it designed with prints, frames, etc. You can do the same with your pillars. The walls and pillars will act as a picturesque backdrop for your photo shoot.
  • Paintings, Frames, and Accents: Plain walls make your house dull and boring. Add some visual interest and drama by adorning a wall with paint, frames, and decorative accents. You can choose walls like the one beyond the sofa in your living room. In your room, you can choose the wall either opposite the bed or behind the bed and put up a frame with pictures. Paintings can be expensive, why not create something and put it up the wall, if you can.
  • Place Rugs: Anchor rugs in your living room under the sofa and chairs. You can have running rugs in the master bedroom and other rooms. Choose rug colours and design carefully. Contrasting colours can be chosen for the rugs to balance out the neutrals or bright colours in a particular room.
  • Mirrors on the wall: Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Mirrors can brighten up space because they reflect light. Moreover, antique mirrors act as a piece of decor. Hang mirrors on the opposite wall for it to bounce back the sunlight. Turn your old mirrors into decorative pieces by getting them framed.
  • Add Lighting: Have different kinds of lighting in your home. One for overall illumination and one for highlighting the decor. Colourful LED tapes can also be used for creating the perfect night ambience. Use LED bulbs and lights to save on electricity bills.

Hope you like these ideas.



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