Video Game/”Sonic Inflation” Adventure


Sonic Inflation Adventure is a series of fan games that mock the Sonic fanbase. This trilogy of visual novels was created by Jimberly Chaotic to make fun of Sonic crack fic. It is a fun way to poke fun at some of the fanbase’s more unusual interests, such as those who like to draw characters participating in their favorite fetishes. There are many fangames that do something similar to Sonic Dreams Collection. It focuses on one fetish, body inflation (the desire to see someone inflated like a balloon), as the title suggests.

In the original game, you were able to wake up in Sonic’s body. Knuckles calls you and invites to join his nightclub to have sex with Dan Le Batard Wedding the chicks. You will meet Rouge the Bat or Amy Rose and have the opportunity to ask them to have sex.

Sonic Inflation Adventure 2 Battle

The sequel Sonic Inflation Adventure 2 Battle was even more outrageous. The plot involved you searching for Shadow, presumably to exact revenge on the court scene, in a bar and meeting Cream’s hot mother Vanilla. You end up accidentally killing Vanilla. You’re now on the run from law enforcement.

Sonic Inflation Adventure begins

End of Sonic Inflation Adventure begins with the same inflation madness as the first two. But then you realize that these events were only dreams and that you are actually a normal person working at a boring job. The story becomes a dark commentary about how unhappy people are with their normal lives.

The series is NSFW but not pornographic. It relentlessly attacks both the less pleasant parts of Sonic fanbase and DeviantArt, and does so in such a manner that Sonic Dreams Collection seems downright small in comparison. The series is divided, with some praising it as a masterpiece, the last one, and others deeming it a terrible piece of garbage.

These fan-made visual novels are examples of:

Crapsack World. We don’t have much information about the Sonic Inflation verse, but we do know that it features nearly all the Sonic characters as sex maniacs, drug dealers, or jerks. It’s also possible that Eggman is still doing the overlord’s thing.

Sequel Escalation is Sonic Inflation Adventure 2 Battle takes a little longer than the original and has a lot more to offer.

Shout-Out! End of Sonic Inflation Adventure for the End of Evangelion

I took a Level in Jerkass. It was almost the entire cast, except the females. Sonic and Knuckles are good examples.

Villain Protagonist is a character who uses self-insert to flip fics. The main character in Sonic’s body does whatever he likes. This character is shown to be disgusting from the point of view of other Sonic characters.

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