ESPN’s “Dan Le Batard Wedding”


A South Florida man who is unmarried and steadfast — once called “America’s Most Eligible Bachelor” by People magazine — is no longer available.

Dan Le Batard Wedding is on the Avenue

He recently got engaged to Valerie Scheide, his long-time girlfriend and ESPN radio and television host from Miami. They are planning to wed in late 2019.

Le Batard, a former Miami Herald sports columnist has not publicly announced his engagement on any of his ESPN platforms. Sources close Craigslist Omaha to the couple say that Le Batard proposed to them during a recent trip to Kenya and Tanzania. This safari was organized by Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill who is a regular on Dan’s radio program.

Dan met Valerie, a Miamian for a lifetime, when he saw her walk through a restaurant where his parents Gonzalo (Papi), and Lourdes were celebrating their 49th anniversary.

  • Dan is 49 years old. His bride-to be is 29.
  • Your best wishes Dan Le Batard Wedding

Greg Cote, in his latest Back In My Day video for the Dan LeBatard Show reminisces about a time when a handshake was just that – a handshake. BY COURTESY OF ESPN

ESPN’s Dan Le Batard got engaged to Valerie Scheide, his girlfriend. They plan to wed in 2019.

Sunday night’s win by the Mavericks was their first NBA title. They defeated the Miami Heat 105-95 to take a 4-2 series win.

They stopped something that might have required protective eyewear

Charles Barkley, NBA analyst, won a bet that Dan Le Batard wedding, Miami Herald columnist, would put LeBatard into a Speedo on South Beach.

Although this isn’t something you should be looking forward to, it could have been worse. According to Kelly Dwyer,’s “Ball Don’t Lie”, blog, this would have been Barkley squeezing in the Speedo.

Even Le Batard’s colleagues were anxious. Joseph Goodman, a Herald sports writer, addressed the bet in Heat notebook Friday and described it as “disturbing.”

Dwyer observed that “when the word “disturbing” can pass the editing process,” “then this would be disturbing.” Unless someone is drunk and wears his aunt’s wedding gown, he won’t be allowed to make a comment like this. This bet is also disturbing.

Quote of the Day

“Once momentum is lost, it can make it difficult. “I can’t say that I was filled with confidence when I went out.”

Little Rock’s Joey Nichols won the ASGA Men’s Stroke Play Championship after struggling in the final round of Sunday’s competition.

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