Desk Job Survival Tips from a Chiropractic Standpoint


Virtually every job comes with its own unique set of health hazards, regardless of the profession in which a person works – even desk jobs! Many people don’t realize that there are health hazards associated with office work because it is a low impact role but that does not mean there are not risks. Wellness in the workplace is a risk in an office environment as well!

According to a 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, American workers across all jobs revealed that that most people working in a corporate environment spent over 75 percent of their time sitting down rather than standing or walking, which poses a serious health threat.

Sitting too long each day implies having a sedentary lifestyle, regardless of whether a person exercises or not. This can have an adverse impact on one’s health, including trouble with blood circulation, breathing, digestion and posture, which can increase the risk of several diseases, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, chronic joint problems, deep vein thrombosis and cancer, to name a few. So that’s not great news for somebody who works at a desk job every day. The good news is that you can take steps to combat it – you just have to be mindful and diligent about doing so.

Get Moving Beyond Your Workout

Working out is not enough for people who sit at a desk job every day. You have to get moving during the workday too. Sitting in the same position all day – even for a few hours – can have negative impacts on your musculoskeletal health.

Get up and move around for a few minutes every half hour. It is a good idea to set a timer for yourself so you don’t get caught up in work. Make sure you actually get up and take a walk around the office. Get a drink from the water fountain or grab a cup of coffee. Go to the restroom or pick up that pile of papers you have to grab from your secretary rather than having her deliver them to you. Take a short walk around Tucker, GA every day during your lunch hour in addition to your regular workouts.

Create an Optimal Work Space in Tucker

Make your desk work for you. Set up your work space so it can help you keep your neck and back in a position that is not only comfortable but that supports proper spinal alignment.

Is your desk chair too low or high? Your chair should be positioned so the bottom edge of your screen is positioned level with your eyes and approximately 30 inches from your face. Your screen also needs to be directly in front of you.

Your keyboard should be correctly positioned. Using it incorrectly can cause a plethora of painful medical conditions, including neck and back issues as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Your keyboard should be seated at elbow height. Keep your hands as natural as possible while holding your wrists up so they are even with the back of your hands to reduce strain. Type softly to alleviate any stress on your fingers, as opposed to banging on the keys.

Position your mouse close to the keyboard, keeping your hand in a neutral position when you use it. Don’t rest your hand on the mouse for extended periods of time either.

Make sure everything you need is within reach. Position your keyboard, notepad, phone and any other pertinent supplies within a comfortable reach so you don’t have to stretch too far to get them.

Consider adding a foot rest below your desk as well. This can decrease stress on your lower back and offer greater comfort while sitting down all day.

These things can contribute to your postural health, which can easily slip by being off for hours each day. Your vertebrae and discs will inevitably pay for it if and your ligaments can stretch too much if you fail to make necessary adjustments to your workspace.

In addition to taking steps to reduce the negative impact a desk job can have on your health, choosing to take part in chiropractic care in Tucker, GA is a great way to ensure you experience less strain from your desk job. Spinal adjustments and other techniques can help you to maintain better postural alignment and encourage a stronger and healthier body overall.

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