Axle wrap, spinning tires, and broken parts equals broken parts, bald tires, and a slower truck. If you can’t get the truck to the ground, what good is all that extra power? Now that you have a strong motor and a powerful transmission calvert racing, all you need to do is put your tires on the asphalt. Now it’s time for traction aids. It’s time to make your truck feel stronger.

Calvert Racing in Lancaster, CA can help you get more traction, whether you are into drag racing or off-roading.

Calvert Racing is the market leader in leaf-spring, traction aid devices since more than 15 years. Calvert Racing’s Cal-Tracs are the most popular traction bars in drag racing. They offer more bite and traction than any other on the market.

They are specifically designed to prevent axle wrap and increase down force on the rear axle. This improves traction.

Scott Schwinning from Calvert Racing spoke to us about the PSD Resurrection story that we have been working on over the past few issues. He was looking to improve the 2wd truck’s traction and horsepower levels. Shinning warp football suggested that we test out their Cal-Trac bars to see how we felt. We decided to give it a try, as we were able to go through a set rear tires in no more than a few minutes. Although it is cool to see big, nasty burnout marks on tires can really slow down performance and reduce speed.

Cal-Tracs operate in a slightly different way. Calvert Racing bars connect to your rear axle via a triangular-shaped bracket, which is attached to your front leafspring eyelet. The new bracket’s lower hole attaches to this triangle bracket. The center hole aligns with the leaf eyelet, while the top hole has an opening that allows for a pin. This pin will be attached to the leaf spring pack.

Your axle will begin to wrap as you press the throttle. This will cause the bar to move forward and the bar to pivot at the front eyelet. The pin then rides on the springs downwards, forcing the spring pack to rotate.

The pin on the leaf springs’ downward force causes the entire axle to experience a decrease in force and your tires will be forced down harder onto the pavement. The downward force on your tires is greater the harder you push the throttle. No more spinning tires.

Many believe Cal-Tracs can only be used for drag racing. However, Schwinning says that properly adjusted Cal-Tracs could increase traction for any type of application. This includes heavy towing and off-roading, as well as daily driving.

Although you may not have traction issues on the streets, do you still feel a chattering or hopping sensation from your rear end when towing heavy loads? Cal-Tracs can prevent you from feeling this again. 

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