Things you Need to Know About Pool Deck Resurfacing


Many people prefer using concrete coatings for pool deck resurfacing because of their properties. Concrete coatings are made in different textures, colours and patterns. They are also long-lasting and are easy to take care of. Resurfacing of the pool deck can be done by an expert or personally.

The Process of Installing/Resurfacing a Pool Deck.

Things Needed to Resurface Pool Deck.

  • Towel
  • Broom
  • Cement colour
  • Pressure washer
  • Squeegee
  • Resurfacer

Steps Followed

  1. Prepare and Repair.

First, remove all side pool furniture and ensure it is clear. Next, cover the pool with sheets to avoid getting debris inside the pool. First, the concrete surface is etched and ground to make the surface porous. Any damages and cracks are also fixed and filled. Next, the cracks are filled with wet concrete and levelled.

  1. Clean and Prime

The surface is then washed using pressure pumps and let to dry. You can also choose to apply prime on the surface.  Protective gears are needed when using the pressure washer.

  1. Mix the Products.

Mix all the products required for the resurfacing, including colour.

  1. Apply Overlay.

The overlays are applied by spraying, trowelling and rolling to produce a desired style.

  1. Cure and Seal

This is the last layer applied to the concrete after the overlay. The sealer ensures that the concrete is maintained by offering additional protection, enhancing strain resistance and providing greater strength.

How to Maintain Pool Decks

Cleaning the pool deck frequently help to ensure the surface remains in good condition. The glass chippings, specks of dust and debris using a broom and mop. To get rid of tough stains and dirty spots, use a hosepipe to pressure clean. Chemical spills also cause damage to the coating and should be cleaned fast. Nonabrasive commercial cleaners can also be used to clean the surface. Additionally, using a moisture-resistant and chemical resistant coating on the pool deck to help prevent damages by these agents.

Design options available for pool Resurfacing

There are many ways in which a pool deck can be resurfaced. The number of designs and styles that can be achieved are limitless. Examples of resurfacing options include.

  • Bricks
  • Roman slate
  • Flagstone
  • Sandstone

Benefits of Concrete Surfaces

  • It has a fresh look all the time.
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Chemicals and water-resistant
  • Not easily damaged by UV rays
  • The overlays used are beautiful and durable.
  • They are safer compared to other types of decks.


People love to spend time around the pool deck relaxing. Resurfacing pool decks ensure the surface stays rejuvenated and maintained. Resurfacing pool deck surfaces that are old, worn out makes them more aesthetic to blend into the pool’s surroundings. Unkept deck pools are very inconvenient and inaccessible. To resurface, one does not need to change anything about the design of the pool. However, the process of resurfacing pool decks is not easy, and if not sure, contact experts for help.

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