“Skuut Balance Bike”


Skuut Balance Bike, an eco-friendly model for children aged 2-5 years old, is the Skuut Balance Bike. This page will review the Skuut Balance Bike and what people think about it. Balance bikes are designed to teach children balance and coordination before they can ride a pedaled bike. The Skuut is currently available for under $100, but it goes down to $70 when on sale. Its classic European design and wooden frame make it one the most appealing (or classic) models.

While the Skuut provides a great riding Business School Major For Short experience, it still has some issues similar to wooden bikes. It is more susceptible to wear and less likely to be damaged.

Skuut balance bike take a look at the Features & Advantages

Diggin Active, a U.S. company, designed and produced the skuut balance bike. Three sports lovers, Nathan Keker and Jenny Stern, run the company. In 2006, they began their journey in the toy manufacturing industry to help children love and stay active. Diggin Active was founded in 2006 to create toys that encourage children to play different sports and to make toys that are non-intimidating. This led to the creation of a non-pedaled bicycle line.

Diggin Active, in addition to its mission statement, is active in environmental awareness. Diggin Active plants one tree for every unit sold.

Wooden Frame skuut balance bike

The frame is made from birch wood, and coated with lacquer veneer. Metal bolts are used for secure construction. Skuut balance bike is one of the most eco-friendly products on the market due to its use of birchwood. The Skut is also used by Smart Gear and Prince Lionheart. Birch wood makes it lightweight enough to be carried by a toddler and weighs in at around 11 pounds.


Award-Winning Bicycle – Skuut has been awarded numerous awards by organizations such as Dr. Toys’ 10 best active products, the National Parenting Center Seal, and The Toy Skuut balance bike Man Award for Excellence. Parents can feel more confident knowing that their product has been evaluated by safety-conscious organizations.

Eco-Friendly – For environmentally-conscious parents, the Skuut’s wooden frame and non-toxic lacquer finish are attractive features.


Poor durability – A common complaint about wooden frame balance bikes are their tendency to warp. Wood is not marine-grade so it can be exposed to water, snow, dirt and gravel. This can reduce the bike’s longevity.

Frequent maintenance – Skuuts can need constant care that parents often forget about. As constant use causes them to loosen, the bolts should be re-screwed frequently. The wood is not waterproof so parents will need to waterproof the frame or remind their child to keep it out of the rain. If the manufacturer suspects that the purchasers haven’t maintained the bike properly, the warranty will be voided.

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