After creating Shifter Cables and Shifter Bushings for Shifter Cables, Shifter Base Bushings, Shifter Bushings for Shifter-Cable Bushings and the original Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade, we realized that there was one more piece that required our attention… The shifter. We are always hybrid racing striving for the best performance and reliability, so we took our 06-11 Civic shifter assembly back to the drawing boards.

After many hours of engineering, design, and testing, we have completed a major overhaul to our shifter system. We are pleased to present a new version of our most popular short shifter assembly, which we hope will be a great fit for the Honda Civic 8th generation chassis.

You can adjust the front/back throw, left/right throw independently. Below are figures for throw reduction


Hybrid Racing cables can be used as a performance Heart Nipple Piercings upgrade to stock OEM cables. The Hybrid Racing cables have a firmer feel than OEM cables due to their solid rod ends and 30% thicker core.

The Hybrid Racing performance cables were created to provide drivers with peace of mind during difficult shifts and racing situations.

The Hybrid Racing cables also have spherical bearings and stainless steel push rods. These are not as common on OEM cables. All rod ends and mounting bushings made from CNC-machined 6061 aluminum have been heat-treated, coated with a black anodized, and laser etched with Hybrid Racing’s logo and flair.

These cables can I replace my OEM 8th generation cables with these?

Yes. Yes! The OEM cable controlling the right/left movement of the shifter has been upgraded to an aluminum bushing and spring clip. The aluminum bushing makes installation easier, but it also eliminates another plastic component that can flex on OEM cables. This leads to a less smooth shift. You will only need the extra spring clip to attach the Hybrid Racing cables. Each set of cables comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide sheet. This will make installation as simple as possible.

What are the benefits of these shifter cables?

Each kit includes two shifter cables. Each set also includes two cotter pins and clips for the shifter’s end. Each set includes a rubber grommet to fit into your firewall. All shifter cables include upgraded transmission gear selector springs. They are not required, but they are highly recommended for improving your driving experience.

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