Are cooling mattresses actually possible?


They can’t do miracles, however. The cooling properties of cooling mattresses will affect how comfortable you are able to sleep throughout the night. A cooling mattress can help you get some relief from night sweats but it won’t cure the condition.

Night sweats can be caused many things, including physical conditions and summer weather. However, a mattress that’s not breathable can make them worse. Even if a mattress is not hot, it can cause night sweats. The worst culprit? Memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are more dense than innerspring mattresses with built-in ventilation. This causes overheating and night-sweats by trapping heat.

Cooling mattresses  How do we test them?

First, our analysts review the materials and any special features. We consider both the company-provided laboratory data and first-hand experiences of users when assessing cooling mattresses. We also look at the claims of brands to determine if they are exaggerating their chilling abilities.

The mattress is then tested by our product specialists and consumer testers. After several weeks of using the mattress, our testers receive initial feedback via surveys. To see how the mattress has held up over time, we continue to survey them for a longer period of time, sometimes even years. To get more detailed feedback about the mattresses that they have, we also send questionnaires out to Good Housekeeping readers. The surveys cover a variety of topics, including

Delivery and ordering  Customers leave comments and ratings about how easy it was to order, how fast it arrived and whether there were any problems during the process.

We explore the setup process, whether it was DIY or white glove delivery.

Firmness level  Sometimes, the perceived firmness is not at the level specified by the brand. This allows us to see how firm or soft it actually feels in real life.

Edge support  We asked reviewers to let us know if the bed sinks when they are seated on it or if the shape holds well under weight.

Comfort and support  The mattress’s users weigh in on how comfortable they felt, both immediately and later. They can provide detailed comments as well as comfort and support ratings.

Temperature  We ask our users if they maintained a comfortable body temperature throughout their night to determine if there were any cooling features.

Sleep quality  We asked respondents to let us know whether the mattress had an effect on their sleep, if they wake up feeling sore, and if they were satisfied overall with the mattress. The mattress can also be compared to other models.

Additional feedback  Testers can provide additional feedback through a series open-ended questions.

Which mattress is the best for keeping cool?

There are many cooling options in mattresses. Just because a brand says it is cooling doesn’t necessarily mean that it will actually cool you. These are the main cooling methods you will find in cooling mattresses.

Cool-to-the touch materials  These fabrics draw heat away quickly from the body but won’t keep you cool for long.

Built-in cooling technology  To help draw heat away, metal particles, gel or phase-change technology are embedded in foam materials.

Breathable construction  Even without cooling technology, mattresses with chambers for air and spring construction can keep heat from getting trapped around your body.

Plug-ins  These plug-ins use cool water or air to maintain the mattress’s temperature. These require more maintenance and may include additional components such as a unit right next to your bed.

These are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for the best mattress. Sleep position  Side sleepers require a firm surface for stomach sleepers, side sleepers require a firmer surface, and back sleepers (or any person who changes positions) will require something in the middle. Your spine should be in neutral alignment.

Weight  People with heavier bodies need a firmer mattress, while those with lighter frames will be better served by a softer mattress. This is important for spine alignment. You can consider your weight and your sleep position when choosing the firmness of your mattress.

Lower back pain  A pressure-relieving bed with all foam, or a combination of foam and coils can be used to relieve upper and lower back pain. For a balanced level of support and cushioning, you should also look for medium firmness.

Return policy  Without having slept on a mattress, it’s hard to determine if it is the right fit. Most mattress companies offer a minimum of 100 night trial to help you shop online. Cooling mattresses are especially important as many mattress companies claim to keep your temperature down. Be sure to check the return policy and any hidden fees before you make a purchase.