8 Best Clothes Dryers


Although there are fewer decisions when purchasing a dryer than a washing machine, the new models include new technologies like heat pumps that save energy and specialty cycles to steam and clean. They also work with Wi-Fi, apps and other devices. There are so many things to think about! The Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab is here to help you make the right choice for your family and home.

The sleek design and performance of this machine was immediately appreciated by our Cleaning experts. This GH Seal Star was a winner in our Cleaning Lab tests. It dried towels and clothing with remarkable speed. You can choose from a variety of cycles that will steam wrinkles, reduce static and sanitize with heat. They also dry small loads in as little at 23 minutes. It’s also loaded with smart technology that allows you to control and monitor it from any location using your smartphone. You can connect it to your washer so that the dryer will automatically choose the right cycle for each load.

6.5 Cu. Ft. 11-Cycle Electrical Dryer

This dryer shows that more features don’t always guarantee better results. And that you can find a great clothes dryer for less than $700. The basic controls are simple and the dryer works as well as higher-end models. Although some cycles took longer or were hotter than others, temperatures remained steady. The machine has the option of keeping the drum moving when the cycle is finished to prevent creases. The lint filter was large enough to be easy to clean. Although the inner drum’s capacity is 6.5 feet less than standard, you won’t notice the difference unless heavy loads are common in your household.

8.8 Cu. Ft. 14 Cycle Gas Dryer

The super clear, responsive-to-the-touch control panel on this dryer will have even the most inexperienced laundress drying clothes like a pro. Extra Power allows for longer drying times, heat and tumbling on all cycles. Quick Dry can speed up small loads by taking just 15 minutes. Do you need something cleaned? You can also use the cycle to clean your clothes. You can also choose to reduce static to reduce clothes sticking together. It’s oversized 8.8-cubic-foot-capacity inner drum and large door opening mean big, bulky loads are as easy to do as small ones. You can also start or stop the subscription remotely via WiFi.

7.4 Cu. Ft. 13 Cycle Gas Dryer

This GE can handle large loads. Its 7.4-cubic-foot-capacity inner drum is roomy and its wide door opening and easy-to-grab handle make it a cinch to load and unload. The control panel is simple and clear. We are always impressed by GE’s tangle-free results, and its quick (under 30 minutes), Delicates cycle. You can dry shoes, sweaters, and hats on the rack. You can even monitor it via Wi-Fi from your smartphone.

9.0 Cu. Ft. 14-Cycle Smart WiFi Gas Steam Dryer

If you have a large laundry room, this machine is the best choice. The machine’s raised and angled doors make loading and unloading easier on your back. For a sleek and simple look, the control panel is integrated into the door. This allows for easy access and a sliding door. There’s also a mini storage compartment on top that can be used to store pins, socks clips or other small items. There are 13 programs to choose from, so the possibilities for combinations of cycles are almost limitless. TurboSteam de-wrinkling, sanitizing and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as app controls and Wi-Fi connectivity, round out the top-of the line features of this dryer.

7.5 cu. FlexDry Electric Dryer 7.5 cu.

This updated version of the previously tested Samsung Smart Electric Dryer should deliver a similar performance. It has the same controls as the 2021 Good Housekeeping Cleaning Award-winning Samsung washer, which was a favorite in our lab.

This dryer can be used as a double-duty machine. You can fill the dryer’s bottom with your normal daily loads. The steam can be used to de-wrinkle and refresh fabrics, as well as to adjust the temperature, dryness, or temperature of each cycle. The delicate dryer on top has a mesh shelf inside that circulates air around delicate items such as sweaters, accessories and lingerie. You can use the dryers together or separately to get your sleepwear off of the shower rod.

Styler Steam Clothing Care System

The LG Styler cabinet is a freestanding unit that converts tap water into steam, which can be used to refresh fabrics in as little as 20 to 67 seconds. The unit can be connected to a regular outlet. It does not require a water hook-up. It can store three hanging items as well as a pair of pants. It also has a shelf that can hold toys and pillows to clean them. The Styler is ideal for eliminating allergens and odors, drying damp items, refreshing seasonal items, and drying them.

7 Cu. Ft. 8-Cycle Electric Dryer

The 2021 Cleaning Award winner is an expert at drying and removing stubborn pet hair. It can be difficult to pick out pet hair before washing, but the Speed Queen® DR7 makes it easy. This 10-minute pet cycle removes hair from dried items before washing, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck-on hair out of your washer. 7 CU. The 7 CU. You can load and unload your items easily with the dryer’s reversible door.