Touch for Health (TFH), the most popular system of kinesiology, is widely used around the globe. It is widely recognized as the foundation training system for other kinesiology methods as well as a healing modality. The Touch for Health knowledge base includes Energy Medicine, Brain Gym and Energy Kinesiology.
Anyone can learn TFH Kinesiology with a little practice and no prior knowledge of meridians, muscles, physiology, or meridians.

TFH uses muscle testing to detect imbalances in the energy system. We use a holistic approach to rebalance the body’s energy system and activate its intrinsic healing process, so the body can heal itself better.

Individuals can use the TFH process to help them achieve their goals and reach their true potential through goal-specific balancing.
The Touch for Health System, a practical guide to natural Airport Health Club healthcare, uses acupressure to improve postural alignment and reduce tension. This approach to natural energy restoration combines traditional Chinese energy therapies with modern Western developments in kinesiology.

This article will explain the basics of muscle testing and the reflex points that you can use in your practice. These are the five types of tension. Touch for Health’s history will also be included.

West meets East: Energy Balance

A new tool for bodyworkers and massage therapists is created when Western chiropractic ideas about posture and muscle testing are combined with Eastern energy flow ideas of chi.

The Touch for Health System is based on the vitalistic view that touch can activate one’s natural energy or recuperative powers. Daily activities can either enhance or hinder these natural healing powers. These activities cause changes in the skin and muscles, which can affect the way we feel and function. We are more or less susceptible to injury and illness depending on how much energy we have.

Massage clients must have a daily routine to replenish their energy and muscle balance to counter the effects of gravity on their bodies, which can cause shrinkage. Yes, we do shrink over the course of a day. As we shrink, our life energy becomes unbalanced and rigidity sets in. This gradually reduces our ability to function at its best.

Imagine getting into your car after a good night’s sleep and feeling great about the next day. The rear view mirror is adjusted. You then drive away. Things start to go downhill when you arrive at work. You feel like everyone around you is pushing your emotions buttons. It’s important to be able to manage your emotions and physically. You have a physically exhausting job in the afternoon and your lunch was not well prepared.

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