Hybrid Racing cables can be used as a performance upgrade to stock OEM cables. The Hybrid Racing cables have a firmer feel than OEM cables due to their solid rod ends and 30% thicker core.

The Hybrid Racing performance cables were created to provide drivers with peace of mind during difficult shifts and racing situations.

The Hybrid Racing cables also have spherical EDINA HIGHSCHOOL HOCKEY bearings and stainless steel push rods. These are not as common on OEM cables. All rod ends and mounting bushings made from CNC-machined 6061 aluminum have been heat treated with a black anodized coating before being laser etched and embellished with the Hybrid Racing logo.

These Cables can I Replace my OEM DC5 Cables with these Cables?

Yes. The only additional work required for DC5 Chassis is to retrofit the existing cable grommet onto new HR cables. They are not required for K-Swap applications and run outside of the car, so no DC5 grommet will be needed. The OEM cable controlling the right/left movement of the shifter has gone from a plastic twist lock bushing to an aluminum bushing and spring clip. The aluminum bushing makes installation easier, but it also eliminates another plastic component that can flex on OEM cables. This leads to a less smooth shift. You will only need the extra spring clip to attach the Hybrid Racing cables. Each set of cables comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide sheet. This will make installation as simple as possible.

Additional K-Swap notes

You will need to make a hole in the Karcepts adapter plates for Hybrid Racing cables that are mounted on OEM-style shifters. You will need to increase the hole to 3/4″. This can be done with a stepped drill bit.

What are the benefits of these shifter cables

Each set of 2 shifter cables includes 4 cotter pins and an “m” bracket to attach the cables to the chassis for K swap applications. This bracket is not required if you mount these cables into a DC5. All shifter cables sets include upgraded transmission gear selector springs. They are not required, but highly recommended.

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