Austintown Fitch Football is a Major Player in the Division


EUCLID (Ohio) – Austintown Fitch Football Coach T.J. Parker acknowledged Saturday night that he feels a sense of urgency.

His austintown fitch football team ranks 11th in the Associated Press Division II state poll. A trip to Benedictine was his last chance to impress voters. To convince his colleagues, he wanted to show an impressive performance. They will vote Tuesday and Wednesday to determine the Region 5 playoff seedings.

Fitch’s win over Benedictine at Euclid Community Stadium, 42-14, is a convincing argument in favor of his Falcons.

“I have to be truthful. Parker stated that we were concerned about seeding. “We were concerned about how other teams saw us. This was our chance to play someone from our region, our highly-respected and respected team.

Benedictine is the No. The No. 9 team in the Top 25 enjoyed a win of 42-27 last year in austintown fitch football. Fitch (5-0), who drove 80 yards in just 14 plays, saw the mood change. Devin Sherwood, the junior quarterback, ran 14 yards to the corner of goal line for a touchdown.

Fitch converted two fourth down plays and Sherwood defeated the Bengals (2-3)

Sherwood stated that it was a balanced drive. “We ran the ball and we passed the ball. Todd Simons made a great catch to help us keep the drive moving.

The 6-foot, 185-pound quarterback ran for 76 yards on 15 runs and completed 15 out of 26 passes for 251 yard. Fitch was able to match his running performance with three passing touchdowns. Ronnie Schultz was able to find Marvin Conkle from 36 yards, giving the Falcons a 20-0 lead. This set up Duane Jackson’s 1-yard touchdown run.

Fitch ran 19 plays, before Benedictine took an offensive play because of a failed kickoff return. Manmaker exercise Fitch took a 14-0 lead in the second quarter by throwing a Sherwood-to–Nate Leskovac touchdown pass for 66 yards. Benedictine then scored an onside kick.

Parker stated, “That’s something that we’ve done four of the five previous games.” We want it if they give it to us. We aren’t afraid. They gave me the look I wanted in austintown fitch football .

It was the Austintown Fitch Football touchdown and a 20-0 lead. Sherwood connected with Simons for a 30-yard scoring strike.

To Benedictine’s six plays, the Falcons ran 27 plays

Jarritt Goode, Benedictine coach, said that “they killed the time for possession.” “Looking back at last year’s results, they executed their game plan well. They are a great team.

Jackson scored twice on short-yardage runs for the Bengals. Jackson finished with 96 yards after 15 carries.

Goode stated, “He’s gotten worse every week and tonight was one the best games,” He will only get better if you work hard.

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