The funniest memes about “Air Fryer Memes”


To Brighten Your Day, here are the funniest memes about air fryer memes  from 2021

Air fryers and memes are two of the most beloved things Air Fryer Memes among Millennials. A strong contender is having their hair in a half- or full-length side-part rather than a middle-part.

It’s true. There is nothing better than an air fryer! This kitchen appliance can cook almost any food to a golden brown crisp without Sam Says Sweet Sounds the need to deep fry in oil. It’s a beautiful piece of kitchen equipment that can be positioned on a counter. It takes up its own space.

Don’t forget about the joy air fryer memes bring into our lives. These video clips and still images with interchangeable text or captions were what saved us from the 2020 nightmare.

Air fryer memes have become increasingly popular due to their popularity and ability to teach people how easy it is to cook.

Air fryers are not a fashion statement, they are a way of life. These are seven hilarious air fryer memes that will lift your spirits when you feel down.

This meme illustrates that having an air fryer is status symbol 

You can level up your life by having an air fryer. You’ll never feel the same in the kitchen again and you won’t want to return to a boring oven. You must bow down, peasants.

Your air fryer is your child

Let’s face the facts, Millennials choose to have children later in life or not at all. It’s a personal decision. You don’t have to feed the air fryer 24 hours a day. The air fryer will provide food for you.

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When someone mentions to you that they have an Air Fryer memes, or even better, a picture of it, swipe immediately.

Air fryers can achieve the perfect crispiness for almost any food. It’s likely that you will choose it over the oven every day. This may cause some jealousy issues. Sorry, oven.

Three cheers to being able turn any vegetable into fries

We don’t mind if you make regular fries. After all, potatoes are vegetables, too. However, the ability to turn carrots and zucchini into fries makes them even more amazing. What can an air fryer do that a regular fryer cannot?

A simple-to-use oven for adults Sign me up Sign me up!

You probably don’t know what an Easy-Bake Oven looks like if you were born in the late nineties. Air fryers are probably not something you care about. Keep going.

It’s more than a phase

I don’t think that getting excited about an Air Fryer means someone is at peak adulthood. It’s not a phase mom!

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